India has set itself the aspirational goal to become a $5 trillion economy by 2025. To achieve this, the manufacturing sector needs to increase its contribution to $1 trillion from the current contribution and this requires a consistent innovation, technology upgradation and growth in manufacturing. The call of the hour is for taking constructive steps to double the rate of this growth. Manufacturing Excellence is one of the imperative tools that can lead Indian manufacturing to the path of global competitiveness and growth to reach the desired goal. Adoption of new ideas and constant updating of processes is the only way to gain an edge over the competition in today’s dynamic marketplace.

With an objective to focus on the various aspects within the manufacturing domain to achieve excellence and building Indian manufacturing globally competitive CII is organising Manufacturing Excellence Week from 6-9 July 2021 at virtual platform. The weeklong programme will host a conference followed by variety of webinars promoting the latest technological innovation and business solutions, covering a vast range of industry-relevant topics including Industry 4.0, Digital Manufacturing, Smart Factory, Robotics & Automation, Industrial Blockchain, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety, Supply Chain & Logistics, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency etc.


Key Topics

  • AI and Machine learning: Implement the right technologies and automation opportunities for reducing costs and improving productivity.
  • ‘Smart Factory’ - Manufacturing in the Age of Experience
  • Accelerate Supply Chain Digitisation to Increase Resiliency and Meet Shifting Consumer Preferences
  • Predictive Reliability: Moving from Time-Based to Data-Driven Maintenance Schedules
  • Implementing a Digital Strategy for Improved Environmental, Health and Safety Performance
  • Profitability through Energy Conservation and Efficiency
  • Digital and IOT enabling Connected and safe operations
  • Quality and Productivity Improvement through Automation
  • Additive manufacturing: New Dimension to Manufacturing Excellence


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