CII Delhi State Annual Conference‘Building Better Delhi :Vision 2047’
2 – 3 March 2022 I Over Digital platform

The country is recovering from an unprecedented and challenging year, combating the enormous crisis caused by the pandemic to our lives, livelihood, and growth. Government of India has put concentrated efforts to overcome the economic and health crisis and now with rapid vaccination in progress, prospects are looking up for the economy as well as for the industry sector. 

CII Delhi continuously engage with policymakers and Government’s responsive stance was very encouraging and immensely impactful. Hon’ble Prime Minister’s clarion call for Atmanirbhar Bharat and strong guidance for industry infused confidence among entrepreneurs and businesses. His trust in the private sector and appreciation of its efforts has further encouraged and emboldened us.

The CII Delhi Annual Session will witness one of the largest gatherings of stakeholders interested in India’s development journey. It will bring together eminent leaders, strategic thinkers, leading economists, young icons from various fields, captains of Industry, and media to share their views, discuss and deliberate on all that would lead to building a strong, resilient, and self-confident nation.


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