An unprecedented pandemic at a scale that was only shown in apocalyptic movies has brought the world to a virtual standstill. As the crisis unfolds and nations go into various forms of containments including stringent lockdowns, the key question being raised is, where does the trade-off between saving lives and livelihood lie. The other big question is, having taken the toughest path, does India have the resilience to spring back, riding on the delicate balance of spiraling healthcare costs, prolonged containment of the vulnerable, a cautious demand sentiment, capital infusion for kick-starting full sectors, and a virtually collapsed export market.

The third, and by no means lesser, question is, whenever the restoration commences, how does it happen. Is it possible to foresee a restoration – recovery cycle and keep a blue-print ready, based on experiences of other countries who are in different stages of resumption. The Conference on 'The Road to Economic Resurgence' being organized on behalf of 19th CII IQ Anniversary 2020, examines these critical questions through elite panels of people at the helm, business leaders and corporate planners.