From artificial intelligence for medical diagnostics to mobile technology for data collection and contact tracing, technologies associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution offer efficient and effective ways to cope with the speed, scope, and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In view of the Covid-19’s impact on industries, mainly on the shortfall of resources and in an effort to support both the recovery and visionary plans of the industries, CII is hosting this conference

The smart factory journey requires more than just a set of connected assets. Manufacturers would need a way to store, manage, make sense of, and act upon the data gathered. Each smart factory journey would require transformation support across solution design, technology, and change management dimensions. These technologies are transforming manufacturing like never before and are poised to bring in efficiencies, productivity enhancements, safety, and sustainability. Such technologies are also generating unique use cases in India as well, meeting the unique challenges that we have seen so far. The industry will need to act now to develop a value proposition

Moreover, companies would need the right talent to drive the journey and the right processes in place. Manufacturers can get started down the path to a truly smart factory at any level of their network—value creation can begin with and scale from a single asset and use an agile approach to iterate and grow. 

The conference will discuss various key topics of importance which shall help the industries do more with less.  




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