With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, working remotely has become the new normal, and thus the continuity of business operations is critically dependent on the digital capabilities of a company. To enable and facilitate industry members to identify and adopt newer technologies to re-calibrate and customise their business models, products or services, CII is organising EMPTECH 2020 - a two week long virtual exposition and a series of masterclasses covering various business solutions for Indian Industry. Over 500+ companies from manufacturing and other sectors are expected to take advantage of EMPTECH 2020 in identifying new business solutions.

Organised by CII Centre for Digital Transformation and CII GEKO – The Knowledge Hub for India Inc,   EMPTECH 2020 exposition will help participating companies to assess and select affordable technology suitable for their business needs. The EMPTECH 2020 Master Classes would enable companies to help their manpower in acquiring adequate knowledge to operate the technologies and achieve the intended results. As an outcome of EMPTECH 2020, participating companies would be able to manage the work and workplace supported by virtual ecosystem and enable the workforce to work securely and to the best of their abilities in the virtual environment.