Stakeholder Engagement and Consultation for Minimising Food Wastage


The FSSAI with its commitment towards solving India’s food hunger and wastage problem by integrating various stakeholders has signed an agreement with CII Food and Agriculture centre of excellence (FACE) to initiate creation of Resource Centre & promote collaboration between the Industry, Food Businesses, Corporates, Food Recovery Agents, NGOs, Volunteers, Government and Local Bodies Industry, to prevent food waste & recover surplus food and distribute to those who are in need.

The interventions include

  • Connecting various stakeholders for support and amplifying the impact through donations, resources, and technical knowledge sharing.
  • Awareness generation, capacity building and knowledge sharing of FBOs and NGOs for efficient interventions.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation at regular intervals using uniform regulatory frameworks. 


In line with the above activities, CII FACE is planning for a virtual stakeholder engagement session in Delhi. The session will also have the food industry and NGOs sharing their experiences of food donation and distribution. Panel discussions around the role of industry towards food safety in the country and opportunities and challenges in minimizing food safety risks and food wastage are planned. The panel will have representation from various stakeholders from food industry, NGO partners, international food bank to discuss the ways of minimizing food safety risks and food wastage leading to an action plan for this resource centre in the process. The objective is to come up with a structure for a uniform Code of Conduct for food donation along with International Food safety standards for international and domestic trade in the country as the means for prevention of food wastage.