The food systems approach is gaining momentum as an ideal way of providing nutritious, affordable and sustainable food to an ever-increasing global population. Efficient and effective food systems is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 through an integrated approach. Food safety is a critical component in transforming Food systems and therefore relevant to various SDGs.

From the food safety view, its critical to strengthen the Food Safety Control Ecosystem through comprehensive regulatory approaches for robust standards & improved nutritional outcomes efficient analytical capability, scientific and technology-oriented advancements, enabling appropriate backward linkages to improve production practices and monitoring & surveillance measures.

As India assumes the G20 presidency, it has a huge opportunity to call on the global leadership to foster international cooperation in integrating “Food System Transformation” as an area in the G20 mandate.  The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is the Secretariat for the Business 20 (B20) Engagement Group in the G20 under India's Presidency. Holding the B20 Secretariat, CII is uniquely positioned to further scale these efforts and is working very closely with the business fraternity to ensure that we leverage this opportunity to set a progressive agenda for the B20. 

As the B20 secretariat, CII proposes to organize the 18th Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory Summit, envisaged to provide a collaborative platform to deliberate on action areas for an “Inclusive Improvements and Innovations towards Food Systems Transformation” with leading global experts and regulators.