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Technologies, today, have gained a special role across businesses because of its empirical characteristic. Technologies are combining in new ways, with the potential to optimize efficencies, reduce costs and contribute in product innovation and creation.


The fluidity resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic has further pushed enterprises to rethink and recalibrate the way they have operated so far. It has required industries across sectors to structurally reimagine their strategies for growth, development and sustainability. This has demanded the need to shift from traditional approaches and embracing new, more transformational methods across functions.  The pandemic has also highlighted a need for establishing a robust environment for investment, research, development and smooth adoption of technology.


Considering the role, technology will play in defining a new narrative of growth, CII supported by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India is organising an international conference and exhibition on digital technologies ‘FutureTech’ - a journey of digital transformation to technology adoption and acceleration from 19 – 27 October 2021 over Virtual Platform.


The FutureTech Week will focus on journey of digital transformation to technology adoption and acceleration with the theme driving technologies for building the future, we all can trust with digital interactions and virtual exhibition that will serve as an ideal platform for industry to understand and identify right approach and technologies for their business as well as B2B partnerships.


The FutureTech will also highlight various initiatives taken by Government of India towards enhancing India’s competitiveness in the global economy and achieving self-reliance by enhancing the use of emerging technologies.  



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