CII’s Food and Agriculture Center of Excellence had launched the CII Cold Chain Awards in 2015 to recognize individual/organizations for pre-eminence and outstanding contributions to the field of cold chain management and to raise awareness about sustainable success and competitiveness through best practices.

In last few years, there has been a shift towards realizing the importance of an efficient cold chain as a supply chain system in India by the industry and government that has led to a remarkable growth of the sector. The Cold Chain Awards have encouraged stakeholders & created awareness about the critical parameters that significantly influence the efficiency of a cold chain. The award and recognition have enabled innovation, integration & investments in the supply chain and thus there is a substantial interest towards these awards. During last years, a significant growth has been observed in terms of number of applications received across various categories.

We are extremely glad to organize the Fifth edition of CII Cold Chain Award on 17th February 2021, on a virtual platform. During the ceremony, winners will be announced based on the virtual assessment carried out for each unit by a group of technical assessors, and the final decision of Jury basis the assessment criteria and presentations made by the assessors.

The Award ceremony will be a significant forum to recognize the outstanding performers in each of the categories.