National Bank for Financing Infrastructure and Development has been established to support the development of long term non-recourse infrastructure financing in India including development of the bonds and derivatives markets necessary for infrastructure financing and to carry on the business of financing infrastructure and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. NaBFID would support development of long-term non-recourse infrastructure financing in India, within the broader policy scheme and make use of legislative innovation to avoid gaps in the working of earlier DFIs. As under its Financial objectives NaBFID is to lend, invest, or attract investments for infrastructure projects directly or indirectly and through its Developmental objectives it would facilitate the development of market for bonds, loans, and derivatives for infrastructure financing. With the focus on effective monitoring, knowledge-based IT systems, and use of digital tools to monitor the sector as well as borrowers in a more efficient manner, NaBFID will have the potential to fill the gap with regard to Infrastructural financing in India.

Mr. K V Kamath, the newly appointed Chairman of the National Bank for Infrastructure and Development has agreed for an interactive session with Industry experts to share the vision of the newly formed institution and to understand from us the viewpoints. As one of the best financiers in the country, and our past-president, we are keen to listen to his guidance and gain insights from his leadership at the newly formed financial Institution.