Confederation of Indian Industry has  prioritized Nutrition in its national agenda and constituted a National Committee on Nutrition (since 2017)to foster multi-stakeholder dialog and action, given the multiple facets and dimensions of nutrition. This Committee works with key players in the private sector in both food and non-food businesses, development agencies, regulatory agencies, and central and state governments to further the cause and encourage systemic actions that will enable better nutrition.

CII’s Food and Agriculture  Centre  of Excellence is organising the 2nd Edition of the  National Nutrition Conclave. This year’s  digital  conclave  is  an  opportunity for Government, Development   Agencies,   Industries  and  related stakeholders  to  come  together  to deliberate on critical  challenges  and  emerging opportunities, with  a  view to creating a roadmap for thoughtful action that will strengthen the  ecosystem for nutrition especially in the context of the pandemic. Therefore we are organising a series of sessions with Industry, NGOs and Development Sector experts, and other organizations focusing on fortification, innovations in nutrition amongst others. As a part of the conclave we are also planning a series of fireside chat sessions with Global Experts and Leaders highlighting the transformations in the global food system.

This pandemic has the potential to be a stimulus for governments, health agencies, industries and educational organisations to develop sustainable strategies and frameworks to address the issues pertaining to public health and therefore technology innovations, combined with other interventions, can play an important role in enabling and accelerating food systems transformation by increasing access to essential goods and services for underserved populations or improving the effectiveness of existing programs and approaches.

Achieving food and nutrition security (FNS) is a priority in developing countries. One of the key routes to achieve a resilient global food system and improved FNS requires a reorientation of relevant policies. Among them, policies associated with the innovation, creation, adoption and adaptation of technologies, knowledge, behaviour change communication and with their related institutional adjustments are key factors to counter the complex and evolving challenges of the global food system. In line with this notion, the session 1 of the conclave focuses on “Innovations in Nutrition” to highlight recent advances in Nutrition in context of the pandemic.



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