With the rapid growth of the global startup revolution, more and more regional and national governments are investing to try to accelerate the growth of their startup ecosystem. Today the start-up ecosystem is building the foundation of innovation story around the world, create jobs and provide employment. There is a need for Global ecosystem to work together and work  closely for building a robust and a progressive start-up ecosystem.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has been supporting start-ups through various initiatives and programmes. CII has also launched the National Centre for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups in Hyderabad in partnership with the Government of Telangana and Pratiksha Trust. The Centre will provide a head-start for startups with regard to mentorship, funding, national & international market exploration & market access, corporate tie-ups and many more.

In order to further spur the spirit of entrepreneurship across India and the globe, CII is organizing the Global Startup Summit during 15-17 March 2021, over a virtual platform.

The Summit is expected to bring together top policy makers, industry, academia, investors, startups and all stakeholders from across the globe to deliberate on good practices from best of the ecosystems across the world which has played a pivotal role in spurring the spirit of entrepreneurship in every corner of the world. In addition, the sessions of the Summit are designed to showcase the spread and depth of entrepreneurship based on innovation in India.


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