Building Partnerships Between India and Belgium for the Coherent Dissemination of COVID-19 Vaccines & Therapeutics in Europe and the World

India and Belgium for the Coherent Dissemination of Covid-19 Vaccines & Therapeutics in Europe and the World” on 08 December 2020 from 1600 – 1830 hrs IST

The aim of this high-level online seminar, with top speakers from both countries’ pharma, vaccines, life sciences and logistics industries, is to explore further possible cooperation between India and Belgium in two major fields in which Belgium is a global champion, and this through two main roundtable panels.

A first panel will focus on the role of Belgium as a hub in Europe and the world in the field of innovative vaccines, therapeutics and life-sciences. The main aims of this roundtable are to provide more insights on the strengths and opportunities of the general Belgian biotech ecosystem, the agility of the existing Belgian R&D biotech eco-system that has led to a quick reply in COVID-19 research, promising COVID-19 vaccines that are made in Belgium, other therapeutic areas beyond COVID-19 in which Belgium plays a key role such as cell & gene therapy, and the ambitions of the new Belgian government in terms of the further development of a health and biotech valley.

A second panel will look into the different ways Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics will find their way from their inception via a safe and efficient global distribution to their end-users. The global distribution of effective Covid-19 vaccines is going to be one of the greatest logistical challenges we have ever faced. In 2021, the world will have to rely on a robust and bullet-proof supply chain integration alongside a solid and reliable air cargo capacity. This will require highly specialized approaches towards transportation, large cold storage facilities and experienced professionals. The seminar will provide exclusive insights in the Belgian expertise in this field – including by representatives of the airports of Liege and Brussels.


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