The 4th Senior Care Conclave, themed “Building the Silver Economy” focuses on key areas that require huge capacity building the Senior Care ecosystem.  A one-day conclave through the various curated sessions through focused deliberations will help highlight the need to provide for the economic and health needs of the elderly and to create a social milieu, which is conducive and sensitive to the emotional needs of the elderly.

Key objectives of the conclave:

  • Recognize the inevitability of population ageing and the need to adequately prepare all stakeholders (governments, civil society, private sector, communities, and families) for the growing numbers of elderly population.
  • Support communities and families to develop support systems which ensure that elderly population receives the long-term care they need and promote active and healthy ageing.
  • Support Policies for healthy ageing: Good health needs to lie at the core of society’s response to population ageing.
  • Highlighting the role of new age technology that ensures more safety at home, facilitating health care, brings new innovation that help creates greater access to information in older persons’ life.